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Creative writing, Blog
What should it be about?

We suggest the topic to be direct contact with our company, product or service. In case of social media posts this link can be a looser interpretation and shorter than in case of blog entries. All texts are created after consultation and for the time frame agreed on with our partners.

Social media marketing
Should I be active on all social media sites?

Not necessarily. It is true, that the more medium you use the more people you can reach, however there is a significant overlap between the audience of these different sites. Based on the available resources it is better to be present on less sites, however manage those ones efficiently.

How often should I visit my sites?

It completely depends on our partners. Some of them only asks us to manage their sites whereas others require assistance from creating it to continuous content creation. In that case no regular login is necessary.

Business communication in English
Google ads
How long should the text be?

Short and to the point. Although our Ads performance data is also important, we also need to keep in mind that between countless ads we only have a short period of time to grab the attention of our customers.

What is Ads performance data?

Google Ads performance data shows us how well our we are currently optimized. It changes constantly and in case it is ignored it can drastically change, meaning a drop from 95% to 87% in a matter of a few days. Therefore it is very important to monitor our google ads performance constantly.

Audit, Sales counseling
Why is this beneficial for me?

In case of many companies the overall process rarely changes, however, what worked in the early days might have become outdated since. With the constant changes in the market, workplace fluctiation and digital development it is important for our company to follow these trends. An external audit can greatly help in identifying possible improvements and process gaps.

Website, Webshop creation

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